Christmas Weddings: creative ideas for tying the knot in the festive season!

‘Tis the season to be jolly… So why not have your Christmas cake and wedding too?

What other season spreads joy and love to the world, creates that warm glow of happiness, and brings everyone together – half of your work is already done! Take that goodwill and cheer, add your nuptials and you will create an overflow of romance and happiness that no one will ever forget. Here at Party Plates NZ, we like to sprinkle a little magic over everything we do, and for this reason, our favourite functions for the season are WEDDINGS!

It’s impossible NOT to feel the magic at weddings: especially Christmas weddings… so here are some of our favourite Party Plates ideas for your festive big day – Merry Wedding!

Christmas weddings

Christmas weddings

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Yes, I know, we live in New Zealand, where the words ‘Christmas’ and ‘snow’ aren’t generally used in the same sentence… Bah humbug! If the bride wants snow, then snow she shall have. But who says snow has to be of the icy variety? Here are some fantastic alternatives to create an equally magical look:

  • Rose petals: go for white rose petals to create an eco-friendly shower of perfumed magic. Offer your wedding guests wicker baskets of white rose petals, and walk out of your venue or along the aisle in a flowery snow flurry – beautiful!
  • Biodegradable confetti! Yes, that’s a thing. And, wait for it, you can even get confetti that has been embedded with flower seeds, so what the guests throw will grow! Check out this awesome idea for plantable flower confetti
  • Biodegradable snowflakes – creating a realistic snowfall with a clean conscience, these beautifully-crafted snow-like flakes will glitter and catch the sun as they lazily drift around you. Perfect for photo shoots, and 100% biodegradable – that’s what we like to hear!

Fairy Lights: Christmas Grotto

What do we all remember from when we were little? The Christmas Grotto, Santa’s hideaway; full of candle-light and presents, love and warmth, mystery and excitement! Yes, it may have been in a local shopping centre; but that magical space instantly transformed the mundane into something ethereal. Why not do something similar at your wedding venue? Try using dry willow branches with fairy lights strung through them to create an entrance tunnel to your wedding venue; or create an intimate, cosy area by using candles (in safe glass containers) strung from the ceiling, grouped on tables, and dotted around the room. Dim all other lights so that they glimmer and create a warm, intimate atmosphere.

Wedding light tunnel

Wedding light tunnel for Christmas

 Kiss me, baby

What do we love about Christmas? Being with the ones we love, of course! And what do we love about weddings? Being around people in love… see the connection there? One word: mistletoe. Hang it at your Christmas wedding, and watch your guests have fun with the oldest rule in the book – you never know, you might even sow the seeds of a new relationship!

Here at Party Plates, we know your day has to be special in every way possible – from decorations, to food, to photography, it all has to be perfect. Let us handle the one thing we’re best at – order your party plates here and you can concentrate on what’s really important!

Merry Christmas and Happy Weddings everyone!

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