Recyclable Plastic Plates

Fumble free party plates are only available from Handy As Ltd. They are manufactured in Auckland and distributed throughout New Zealand.

handy_as_logo_rgbUnique features…

  • Quality NZ Made Disposable & Recyclable PET1
  • Holds drink and nibbles securely in ONE hand
  • Leaving one hand free to eat, greet, shake hands and hand out business cards
  • Cavities for Toothpicks, sauce and pips
  • Perfect networking partner for discerning corporate eventsorganisers/caterers
  • Stops guests hovering over the FOOD table and cheaper than an extra table to lay plates down
  • Crafty stacking design makes each plate easy to pick up, Eliminating wastage

The Big Idea

Fumble free party plates is the invention of Parua Bay residents Evan and Ada Davis.

Evan and Ada know a thing or two about challenges!  Having both been widowed in the 1990’s, they married at the start of the new Millennium, ran away together from city life in Auckland and moved to Whangarei.  They settled on a lifestyle property in Parua Bay, continuing to build the existing South Suffolk Sheep Stud, Ridgeland Farm, while Evan maintained his manufacturing engineering business from a leaky shed.

At one of the many tourism events hosted by Destination Northland in Paihia, Ada and Evan discovered another need… and opportunity. Trying to balance a cup and saucer and food in one hand, while handing out business cards and eat at the same time.  Rather than cry over the crumbs in their tea cup, they decided to hatch a solution and their party plates were born.

Recycling – tackling the hairy issues

Recycling - PET1 Plastic SymbolAt Handy As® Ltd we take Recycling very seriously and believe Recycling is vital both  to our industry and to our planet.  We also believe there are many other materials on the market that are eco-friendly, but many have even higher implications than the use of plastics.  Were our product is made from plastic, we use PET1, the same material used to manufacture water bottles.  We work with manufacturers who source the best alternatives in material and are always on the lookout for new innovations in recycling.

To quote from their recent blog: “…recycling is an extremely important solution, allowing the same materials to be used over and over again without incurring any further cost against the earth.  The production processes themselves also use less energy and resources than creating new plastic from scratch, and create new business opportunities.

Recycling plastic is essential for reducing waste and emissions, and responsible packaging choices have to come from the top.”

This is the reason we work with the companies we do – they use plastic types that can be reused and recycled to create products that won’t detract from the earth.

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