Seminar Planning Tips

seminar-planningSimplify seminar planning with the NEW disposable ‘Seminar’ Party Plates, perfect for serving morning and afternoon tea.

These party plates provide a simple solution to holding food and a hot drink in one hand, allowing guests to actually eat without needing to find a place to put something down. By using Seminar Plates when catering Conferences and Seminars, you not only save washing up costs, you will find less crumbs and mess on the floor and you will have very impressed at your events.

How our plates help your seminar planning…

  • ‘Seminar’ Plates can be used to preplate food and control portion sizes.
  • Save your seminar or conference guests the hassle of juggling a cup and saucer in one hand and a plate of food in the other, give them a hand free to enjoy your beautiful catering, to greet other delegates and hand out business cards.
  • With no saucer or side plate to worry about you save set up and washing  time, and there’s now no need for guests to hover around your nicely prepared food tables – set them free and avoid congestion. Conference guests can mix and mingle around the conference room.
  • ‘Seminar’ Plates have space for a stemmed or stem-less beverage, nibbles, toothpicks and sauce cavities to help prevent ‘double dipping’ in the sauce bowls.Ideal for Seminars, Conferences, Networking, Weddings and Funerals, the ‘Seminar’ Party Plate holds Tea Cup, Coffee Mug, drink bottle, can or stubby PLUS Food.
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